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Did you know that over two million people are going through TSA checkpoints every day in 2021? 

That is a lot of people that are going through airports and they all need a way to get to the airport. Sure, you can use public transportation, drive your own car, or a ride-sharing app. 

But the truth is, there is no very convenient option listed above. That is why you should consider using airport limos for your next flight. 

Why is that the best airport transportation? Here are the benefits of it compared to the competition. 

On Your Schedule 

One of the biggest benefits of car service to the airport is that everything is done on your schedule. If you tell the airport limo company what day you want to fly, what time you wish to be picked up, and what airport you are going to, then that car service will do everything on your terms. 

Then, the car service will drop you off directly at the check-in area versus having to park a car or walk further from a public transportation stop. 

It is set up to have the most convenient route for you possible here. Plus, you have more time for yourself by not having to plan for extra time to get to the airport and you have extra time to relax in the car on the way to the airport. 

Let’s face it, it is hard to get comfortable when you are on a train or on a bus, so why not travel in comfort where you are dictating all of the terms? 


Going off of being on your schedule, you have a lot more convenience hiring an airport limo to take you to the airport because it will be the fastest way to get there. 

If you wish to take public transportation to the airport, you are going to have to add travel time because the airport will not be the only stop on a train or a bus route. 

Some will say you can just use a ride-sharing app but with that, you face the possibility of adding stress to your commute trying to arrange one of their cars to pick you up. Earlier in 2021, it was reported that the number of drivers on Uber and Lyft apps was 40% below capacity

That means that those apps are essentially working with a skeleton staff of drivers. If you are on a tight schedule trying to make it to the airport on time to catch your flight, that may not be something that you want to rely on. 

Another option some may argue is that you can drive yourself to the airport and leave your car there if you are taking a short trip. Yes, you can do that but at what convenience cost to you? 

You would not only have to pay to park your car there for however long that you are going to be gone but you would also have to plan for extra time to find a parking spot and walk over to the check-in area.

In most airports, the parking lots are a bit further away than the areas that you would get dropped off in, so you would have to walk a distance with all of your luggage. Plus, some airports have crowded parking lots that require extra time to find a spot.

Comfort and Style 

Another benefit to airport limos is the fact that you get to travel in comfort. You can sit in a leather seat by yourself while you listen to music or take a nap in the back seat in a quiet environment. 

With public transportation, you definitely do not get that luxury sitting in a crowded and noisy space. Plus, you may have to deal with questionable characters that take those routes because anybody can go on those compared to a private car. 

Then, if you take your own car, you cannot afford to get comfortable because of the fact that you would have to drive. You would not be able to rest or just listen to music because you would have to keep your eyes and attention on the road. 

When it comes to ride-sharing apps, they may not have the newest and cleanest cars available compared to a private service. You can get an upgrade in style by taking an airport limo over that plus be guaranteed that they are using the newest and the cleanest models. 

Knowledgable Logistics 

This applies to people that argue that taking their own car or a ride-sharing app is better than an airport limo. Well, you may not know where you are going within the airport and ride-sharing app drivers may not go to the airport all of the time. 

That can cause people to get lost in a big area like an airport, costing you valuable time. Airport limo service drivers have a distinct job of driving around local airports, so they would have a better chance of knowing all of the ins and outs of that airport area to get you where you need to go in a more convenient fashion. 

You would not have to waste time figuring out what the right exit is to get to the airport, what the right entrance within the airport is, or even where the parking lot is if you are taking your own car. 

Use Airport Limos 

Airport limos are the best and most convenient way to travel to your local airport because they save you time and allow you to be comfortable. Are you ready to use one for your next flight? 

If you are in the San Diego area, book our airport limo service today!